Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My 102nd and 103rd things

102. Niles makes fun of me when we eat out, because for example, if I order a sandwich, and it's cut in fourths, I will eat the small end of the sandwich (which would be the middle if it were in one piece) for a few bites, then one of the other fourths looks so much better b/c it still has it's pointy end on it... So basically I end up with all the middle of the sandwich eaten and a bunch of random crust pieces. But i don't just do it to sandwiches... Whatever assortment of foods is on my plate, while I'm eating one, the other looks so much better, so I'll start eating on that one next, and then realize that I want to be eating that third food item I haven't touched yet. This is weird to Niles because he completely finishes one article of food on his plate before going to the next. What a freak!

103. I totally sing out loud while I'm running outside, and when I see a car coming, I bring down the volume and just mouth the words real subtly, so they don't know I was just singing out loud to myself on the sidewalk. What's embarrassing is when I don't see a random runner or bike-rider come up behind me.

Push, Push, Push!!!!

No, I'm not referring to labor. Although, before boot camp, the last time I had used the word "push" frequently was in reference to that blessed event. No. Now I'm referring to what it is I am doing to myself on a nearly daily basis. I've had 3 boot camp classes now, and I have learned a great deal about myself through this experience thus far.

The first class was with Jay Johnson. (jaysbootcamp.com, if you're interested) We started off with a "warm up" lap up and down stairs and around the halls. Then followed that with push-ups, abs, lunges, weights, and more running up and down stairs. This is the class where I got sick. My second class was Saturday morning at 8am, with his wife, who just looks spectacular, even in a sweatshirt and running pants. This class was outside, and we were in the huge parking lot, having to run the length of parking lot we were in, back and forth a few times to start off. Then we split up in teams divided up by the length of time it takes us to run a mile. Well, since I had no idea what my mile-time is, I figured it was on the lower end, and I went with the twelve-minute-mile group. Which, clearly, was the very last group. =) Call me an overachiever. Anyways, we had to do some horrendous squat-jump-with-medicine-ball things for-EVER, followed with a .75 mile run. Last night was my third class. Again, outside. For our WARM-UP, he led us in a few stretches, all of 2 minutes long, and told us to run a mile. ?!?!?! So, I took off running. I ran the ENTIRE way!! And my time was 9:38!!! Can I tell you how good that feels considering I haven't run an entire mile in at least 5 or 6 years?! Anyways, we then did 30 solid minutes, no breaks, no water, no stopping, of squatting, running, leg lifts, running, extremely hard ab work, running... We would do push-ups for a solid minute, then get up and run for 1-2 minutes, do squatthrusts for a minute, then run for 1-2 minutes again... It was INSANE. But I am LOVING IT!!!!!

After only 3 classes, I feel like a different person. I feel like I know how to work hard, to push myself... I feel excited to go to each class and see what new challenge they will have for me. Today, I was planning on going to the 6am class, but after last night, I figured I would take it easy, get up with Reese... So, when she went down for a nap, I went out and ran/walked my 3 mile route, then came back and did pushups for a minute, abs for a minute, etc. I think I may be in the zone!! Now I know that my body can do so much more than I allow it to do, or convince it to do. It's all in my mind!! I feel SO strong, and so proud of myself for meeting the challenge in front of me, and working myself as hard as I can. Whether I never went back to boot camp or not, I've already taken something away from this experience that nothing else has ever given me. I feel like if I keep going, which I plan on doing - especially since it gets cheaper each consecutive time you go, I will have more confidence, more stamina, more endurance, and more belief in myself.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to do something like this. There are not all skinny and in-shape people in my class, as well. It's all different kinds of folks... big, small, skinny, down-right large even!! And it is encouraging to see people of all kinds, pushing themselves and trying to better their lives and their health. I'm inspired by them!! And it keeps me on my toes...
Anyways, if you can find something like this in your area, don't assume you can't do it... You are so much more capable than you think!!! TRUST ME, I know. =)

Friday, October 27, 2006

oh my WORD

I'm so freakin' exhausted. Yesterday morning's boot camp completely kicked my butt. I got sick. It was extremely embarrassing. It wasn't in front of anyone or anything, but it may as well have been b/c I had to leave the room. It was horrible!!! But I'm going back tomorrow!! 8am... I'm so sore today. Not only am I sore, I'm also extremely burnt. I went tanning yesterday, and I guess I overdid it just a tad. My butt is bright, bright red. And extremely toned and attractive.
SO, everytime I bend over or pick up Reese, my skin is burning and even the muscles inside are burning! I'm just a big ball of fiery pain. =)
But I will soldier on! I just won't tan until at LEAST Sunday.

Monday, October 23, 2006

ONE more thing...

I finished the elusive puzzle...
Behold... somewhere in Austria.
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I'm scared! But it's time

Tomorrow I'm starting BOOT CAMP!!!
I've whined and complained for months now... I've dieted and stopped dieting, I've written and blogged myself out over this topic, and I am as annoyed with myself as anyone possibly could be over the fact that I have really done nothing.
SO, today, I made a command decision.
I have been watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders reality show, and there is a guy on the show who does all the training camps for the cheerleaders. Well, his company just happens to have a session at the church right by me. They actually started a week ago today, so I'm joining a week late, but they gave me a discount, and I just decided, no matter what, I'm going. So, at 5:30 tomorrow morning, I'm THERE!! Who knows if I'll make it, hopefully I won't pass out or throw up... What is it that is so intimidating about going to a class with a bunch of girls you don't know??? I don't know, but I'm braving it tomorrow. Sucking up all my fears and trepidation... It's time to step out of the comfort zone!!
I'll let you know how it goes!

Make extra cash??

Let me just say, I have gotten 3 comments now from an anonymous source saying, "nice blog... i found this site where you can make extra cash... blah blah.."
I really think it is so rude and tacky to leave comments like that on someone's personal blog site. Honestly!!
So to any of you who are even thinking of leaving your ridiculous, annoying, tacky comments, DON'T BOTHER!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

101 things About Me

1. I have to stop reading other people's "Things About Me" blogs, b/c if anything in them makes me think of or reminds me of something I could or want to write, then I feel like I'm copying them, and I can't use it anymore.
2. I'm terrified of being unoriginal and boring, and I covet creativity, thus my #1 thing about me.
3. My creativity is VERY limited. So limited, in fact, that I can't even think of what I'm creative about.
4. I really enjoy writing, but I suck at it. When I was little, I was determined to write a novel, but I never got past the first chapter, where you describe your characters. I just liked naming the characters and describing what they were wearing and their personalities. Like, in The Baby-Sitters Club books where the first chapter would always describe Stacey as the cool one with diabetes, and Claudia as the one who was artsy and had all these holes in her ears (gasp!)
5. I am horrible at finishing tasks. I jump from one thing to another so quickly, that I never get anything done. This is especially evident when I start cleaning house. For example, from where I'm sitting, the vacuum is out in the middle of the floor, where I left it to hang my shoe rack on the door, which I went out and bought after I realized I needed to buy Reese's formula, after I started making her bottle. I also see the calendar on the wall that I hung while I was pregnant, and was crossing off days. I have all the days crossed off until February 8th, when she was born. The calendar is still there, still in the month of February, with the blue marker hanging where I last used it.
6. I remember the names of the first three Baby-Sitters Club Books, and if I sat long enough I could probably go until about thirteen or fourteen... #1 Kristy's Great Idea, #2 Claudia and the Phantom Phone-Caller, #3 Stacey's Big Secret. I hope I'm not wrong, b/c then I'll be embarrassed, and I'll have to eliminate thing #6.
7. I hate washing lettuce and ironing clothes. Those might just be my two least favorite chores.
8. I will be 30 in December of NEXT year. yikes.
9. I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter, who is a serious handful, but who can also seriously make me laugh like crazy, and smile till it hurts.
10. I love Corona and margaritas on the rocks. I also love dry champagne and red wine.
11. I watch way too much TV... but I'm trying to get better. These are the shows I would cry if I missed:: 24, Lost, Project Runway, Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy, Apprentice, The Bachelor... Ok, I wouldn't cry, but I would be super-sad.
12. I'm really scared of a certain thing, that I'm too scared to type out, because it's so politically incorrect, and offensive. But if you ask me, I'll tell you. Because you're probably not one.
13. I usually hide from people I knew in high school if I see them out somewhere. I despise small talk.
14. I always, always, forget to clean baseboards.
15. I'm not a great housekeeper or home-decorator, which I hate. But how do you improve? My mom is a natural, and this is obviously something she did not pass down.
16. I'm terrible at saving money. It completely burns a hole in my pocket.
17. I am very much OCD. But more compulsive than obsessive.
18. I LOVE, love, love to read. Anything really. Right now I'm reading the biography of Marie Antoinette, by Antonia Fraser, and I love it. The movie comes out this Friday, and I really wanted to have finished the book beforehand, but I doubt that will happen.
19. My four year anniversary is this Thursday, and for once, we are actually doing something really cool!!!
20. . The only decorating I did for the baby's room, was to pick out the crib, and organize the closet. Niles then sanded and painted the crib I got... hung the letters of her name (with butterfly stickers he found and pink ribbon) on the wall, painted the dresser, and put up the curtains. OH, but I did pick out the curtains.
21. PERFECT EXAMPLE OF #5... In the year 2001, I started crocheting a blanket for my husband. I even bought Superman- colored (blue,red,yellow) yarn... He's obsessed with superheroes. That "blanket" is still sitting in a basket by our couch, with a big ball of red yarn attached. Needless to say, it remains unfinished, and barely qualifies as a scarf.
22. In college, I made an awesome friend named Tasha. She was possibly the best roommate I ever had in my lifetime, and we were barely friends before we roomed together. (Which is probably why it worked out so well) When I left JBU, we cried and she bought me a picture frame that says "sisters" all over it, and had two pictures of us... one with our faces distorted with scotch tape. I still have that frame and that picture on my dresser. We don't keep in touch regularly, but we always reconnect at random times. We both had a baby this year, and we had the same exact due date.
23. I used to think of myself as a really positive, optimistic person. I have realized that this actually ISN'T the case... I just desperately want to BE that person, and had myself convinced for a long time. But, I am actually quite cynical.
24. I worry and worry and worry and worry... I actually even remind myself of what I was worrying about!
25. My baby girl, Jacquelyn Reese Holsinger, was born one month early, and weighed 6lbs. 7.7 oz. I had such an awesome time in the hospital. My labor was fairly easy... My water broke at 3p, she was born at 9p, and I pushed for approximately 30 minutes. And as of that morning I was less than half a centimeter dilated, and zero percent effaced. Nice.
26. My grandma's name is Jacqueline Reese. We already wanted to name our baby girl, Reese, so it worked out just perfectly to name her after my grandma. Grandma Jackie is amazing. She's outlived two husbands, and since then, has moved from California where she lived her entire life, and decided to be a missionary. Because she's older, instead of going on the Mercy Ship like she wanted to do, she works in their offices, doing accounting. Before she moved from Cali, she had her own accounting firm, which she'd had for years and years. I think she's amazing, and I hope I turn out like her. She seems ageless to me.
27. I get frustrated when I leave a pedicure, and my heels don't feel softer than when I went in. Why can't they ever do your heels well!?!?!
28. I LOVE Mexican food. When I was pregnant, I craved Tortilla Soup
29. I don't love "prayer meetings" at church. I'll go to home groups, I'll go to Worship Nights, but I do NOT enjoy prayer meetings. And I refuse to feel guilty about that. I don't like praying out loud in front of people (unless it's Niles), and in those meetings, I always start thinking about how someone keeps saying the word "just" while they are praying... or I think about why I haven't gotten a pedicure in a long time, and yet, I'm wearing flip flops.
30. . I used to love the cartoon, Jem, and I bought the board game. It came with a tape of Jem songs, and I still remember one of them. "I've got my eye on you...". Okay, so, that's the only part I remember.
31. I hate taking naps, and just going to sleep in general. I will stay up as long as possible, for no good reason, just so I can read or get on the computer, or watch something on TV... I feel like if I go to sleep, I'm giving in. There are so many things left to do! My parents said I have fought sleep my entire life. Although, right now, I'm so freakin exhausted all the time, that I wouldn't mind just drifting off right now. But, no, here I am, doing a really important blog entry.
32. My right pinkie finger is alljacked up and crooked. I broke it playing basketball in 8th grade. It's my only broken bone ever, and I'm very proud of the fact that it occured while playing a sport. =)
33. I love squishy french fries. But I love squishy fries with ranch dressing even better.
34. I put salt on my pizza, and I also love my pizza with ranch dressing, too.
35. I used to think I was cool for having a long list of words I don't like, but now, after reading so many blogs, I realize, it's not that cool... pretty much everyone does it. =)
36. I love the words insipid, negligent, intrinsic, aesthetic, consideration, consummate, and many others... but those are the first to come to mind.
37. I hate the words nipple, ... i can't even write any more.
38. I hate vegetables. All of them. And don't tell me I just have to try them cooked this or that certain way... I will not like them, I promise you. The only way I can tolerate carrots is if they are super soft, cooked in some kind of stew or pot roast or something. And, I can eat broccoli... and salad. That's about it. If potatoes and corn were good vegetables, I would be in good shape. But of course, those are the bad ones.
39. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas.... Everything about it. The music, the lights, the mall, the people, the crowds, the shopping, the movies... all of it. I generally start listening to Christmas music about two months beforehand, and sometimes randomly throughout the year, too. I don't discriminate.
40. I also love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!! I'll get up at 7, just to see it, and even if I miss parts, if it is at least on in the background, it makes me so happy. This is one thing my husband and I both emphatically agree on. It's the best thing to wake up to. Okay, besides the obvious child and husband.
41. I love cold weather, but I hate being cold... I just like it being cold, and then I can bundle up, and start a fire... I also LOVE overcast days and rainy weather. And, no, this does not mean that I don't appreciate beautiful, sunny days, too... I love those also.
42. I love the Dallas Mavericks, and the Cowboys... But the Mavs more. I'm a Texas fan no matter what. Although, I will never cheer for the Houston Rockets or Texans, ever. I will, however, cheer for the Spurs, in certain situations. They are a huge rival for my precious Mavs, but they are mostly good guys, they're still Texans, and they are a dang good team. So, if they're not playing us, I'll secretly root for them. But I don't like Tony Parker.
43. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER like the Miami Heat, or the Sacramento Kings. Just can't do it.
44. I listen to two morning shows on the radio... Kidd Kraddick, and the Little Ball of Hate show on ESPN. I love Jennifer Ingall. She is so great. I like women that can talk about sports and know what they're talking about. ESPN radio is great. Although, they tend to talk about one thing over and over and over, and sometimes I wish they would be a little more broad.
45.. I LOVE being a mommy. I was NEVER one of those girls who always wanted to have kids. I mean, of course, when I was little I played "house", and pretended I had a bunch of daughters... But in the latter years of life, having kids was something I always just figured would happen... someday. I never thought much about it.
46. I LOVE flip flops. I will wear them every day of the year, every day of winter... whatever. They are my favorite shoe.
47. Me and my friend Jessica, when we were little, we used to pretend we were professional cheerleading coaches with a whole bunch of daughters who were on our cheerleading teams. But we were also celebrities. I was Debbie Gibson. I bet you didn't know Debbie Gibson was a professional cheerleading coach with 12 daughters
48. I absolutely love New York City. It's my favorite place in the world. The first time I went, I cried on the plane ride home. I would move and live there in a heartbeat. I've been twice. Once in the summer, and once in November of 2001. Almost 3 months after 9/11. We went down to Ground Zero, and there were still pieces of the WTC sticking up, and they were still being hosed down from the heat. It was heartbreaking to see all the posters still up... people holding on to the hope that their loved ones might just have survived
49. I love buying shirts. I will wear the same jeans for years, but go to the store, and feel like I just have to have more shirts
50. Niles and I both love Food Network. My favorite shows are Paula's Home Cooking, Everyday Italian, and Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarelli (I think I spelled his last name wrong). Niles loves Good Eats, and I completely hate that show. I think Alton Brown is soooo annoying.
51. I love Everyday Italian so much that when we lived in Florida, I went to see the host, Giada de Laurentis, at the mall where she was doing a live presentation. The thing that REALLY annoys me about her, is that, while she is definitely Italian, she talks completely normal, with no accent, until she says words like prosciutto, and mozzarella. Then all the sudden, she has this full-on Italian accent. It is so annoying...
52. I don't like it when people who are completely American, and English-speaking, adopt foreign accents when they order at Mexican restaurants, or Italian restaurants, etc. Or here's another example, when people, who AREN'T Hawaiian, say "Ha-VY-ee", instead of just saying "Hawaii". Maybe it's respectful to do that, but it just seems so retarded.
53. I REALLY want to learn how to speak Italian. It's been my New Years Resolution for three years running now.
54. When I learned how to type in high school, I got really good at it. So, I developed this weird tic where I started typing words, even when I was not at a computer or keyboard. Just sitting in the car, I would see or hear a word, and my fingers would just start typing it out. And it was even worse if the word's typing had some sort of rhythm to it. Because then I would just continue to "type" it over and over and over. I totally still do this today. Even while I'm running on the treadmill. I'm always self-conscious that people will notice my fingers bouncing up and down randomly.
55. I want to go to Venice, Italy, and Vatican City, more than any place in the world
56. . I loved being pregnant. It was by far, one of the best experiences of my lifetime. In fact, when it was over, even though I had Reese, I was really sad that I didn't have my belly anymore. I missed all the kicking.
57. I feel really bad for Britney Spears. Although, I don't think she's a very nice girl.
58. I used to go roller-skating almost every day when I was little, and I wish I still could. Ice-skating, not so much. But man, I love roller-skating. And, I really wish it was cooler to wear roller-skates than rollerblades... because I never got into the rollerblading thing. When I was little, my parents bought me white roller skates with pink wheels, and I would practice in the house.
59. I saw Titanic six times. That's an entire day of my life that I spent in the movie theater.
60. . I LOATHE talking on the phone. I really do. If we are going to talk, let's make a date to go to lunch or something... but please don't make me sit on the phone and try to catch up. I will email you forever, but if you try to call me and we have a lot of catching up to do, you'll probably be screened. sorry. I actually think I'm scared of long conversations with people I haven't talked to in a while. I'm not a big fan of awkward silence. In person it's bad enough, but over the phone it's torture. And then when you talk over each other, and you have to do the whole "go ahead", "no, you go ahead" thing... so annoying.
61. Once in high school, there was this chihuahua-looking guy who liked me. He was very weird, and he called me one time and had nothing to say. He ended up asking me if we had Nintendo at home, and what games I liked to play. It was just weird. But really, I actually loved Nintendo, and I loved Metroid, and Double Dribble. OH yeah, and Excitebike.
62. I think Half-Price Books is probably one of my favorite places to go besides Target. I could sit there all day.
63. I love the show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think Larry David is stinking hilarious. I also am in love with Ricky Gervais from The Office. I do not like the US version of The Office, although I do like Steve Carrell. But, the BBC Office is the best.
64. I miss Alias. The first three seasons were A-Mazing. But, good Lord, season 4 was a beating, and then to even continue with season 5... I don't even have words for that debacle.
65. I went to Australia for 10 days when I was 20. It was gorgeous, and that's another place I would live in a heartbeat.
66. I lived in Scotland with Niles for 3 months in 2004. They think it's weird to wear white socks. They say the words, "wee", "a bit", and "as well" quite a lot. I loved it. But I wouldn't live there. Although, the fish and chips are pretty dang incredible... and I'm not much a fish-eater, so that is saying a lot.
67. They say that your first year of marriage is the hardest. I would disagree. Ours was the second year. =)
68. I am a candy fiend. I love Sour Patch Kids and Watermelons... Nerds on a Rope, nerds, skittles, butterfingers... hot tamales... the sweet, fruity, sour, chewy stuff is my favorite. Put me in one of those stores where you grab a bag and start stuffing, and I can rack up quite a bill.
69. I love sauces. When I worked at restaurants, everyone used to make fun of me, because I would have this single plate of food, surrounded by ramekins of all different sauces. My favorite at CHilis was the Awesome Blossom sauce. My favorite at Rockfish was the champagne butter sauce. And here's my one complaint about ranch dressing. IT's only good if you get it at a restaurant. The store brands always suck.
70. When Tarrah and I were roommates, we decorated our dorm room on Halloween. We bought those cheap glass ornaments from Wal-mart and hung them from our ceiling. It was really not a good idea, because we would come back from class, and there would be broken ornaments on our floor that dropped out of the ceiling.
71. The first time I ever got drunk was in my dorm room at JBU at 7 o'clock at night. We got "hooked up" in the parking lot of Mayfield dorm, and snuck in a bottle of Absolut in our backpacks. We just proceeded to mix it with whatever we happened to have in our room. Including... hot chocolate. Oh yes, I was determined. If I remember right, Stacey Hilyard even came into our room at one point, and I was so proud of myself for acting "normal".
72. I love the Muppets. Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favorite movies of all time. And I love the Great Muppet Caper.
73. . I am a list-making-addict. In fact, each time I try to buy a new journal, Niles asks me if I am actually going to write in it, or if I'm just going to make a bunch of lists. I usually just end up making lists, and calculating my bills over and over
74. I have a cousin, Holland, who is close to my age, and we've always been good friends. One year, when I was probably 12, I wrote this in my diary:: "Holland is driving my CRAZY! She is always following me around. I think if I stopped really fast, she would run into me. People always say you should be flattered when someone copies you, but frankly, it is just getting on my nerves!" bless her 9 year old heart.
75. In another equally-interesting diary of my fifth-grade year, I decided I was going to "sign off" with a different saying every day. Like, "Love, Lindsay" or "C-YA, Lindsay"... One day I decided to be super-creative, and I wrote "COWABUNGA, Lindsay"
76. Once, me and Tarrah sat in my driveway, and played "Ice, Ice, Baby" over and over so we could learn all the words. We were at least 18 years old.
77. I was a cheerleader in 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th grade, and then for a year and a half at JBU. My high school squad was 100 times better than our college squad, but I didn't care. Cheering for basketball games and tumbling across the floor was my favorite part. By tumbling, I actually mean flipping, etc. Not tumbling like falling. Although...
78. One of my most embarrassing moments of my life happened when I was a cheerleader at JBU. We had to cheer at the girls' basketball games, which wasn't necessarily fun or crowded (thank GOD), but the guys' team would always be there to watch. So at one game, the ball rolled out of bounds, right towards me. So, of course, I pick it up, and try to toss it back to the ref, but it ends up SOMEHOW, hitting the bars that connect the backboard to the wall, and hitting the anxiously-awaiting basketball player on the head... THEN, to make it worse, it proceeds to roll across the floor away from me. Instead of just letting it go and letting someone else take it, I, obviously shocked and brain-dead due to mortification, RUN AFTER IT. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. THE GAME WAS STOPPED, WAITING FOR ME TO GET THE BALL AND GIVE IT BACK TO THE REF. Seriously. I'm horrified just sitting here writing that out.
79. When I was in elementary school, and up until 8th grade, I always had an end-of-the-year sleepover at my house on the last day of school. There would always be about 11 or 12 girls over, and we would all end up fighting, and splitting up all over the house to get away from each other. I'm sure my parents always loved that event, but they never said no to it!
80. When I turned 16, my dad bought me an '86 BMW 325 M3. It was an adorable car, but I got SO much flack about it. People always called me a spoiled, daddy's girl. That's when I decided that no matter what, I was going to learn how to work hard, make my own money, and one day I would pay all my own bills.
81. I love paying bills. I feel so in control, and responsible when I write a check for a bill, and I put it in the mail, and have that secure feeling that I just did a really good thing for myself.
82. I had a very serious eating disorder for eight plus years... I spent 2 weeks in an inpatient hospital, followed by two months of outpatient treatment, and then two years later, went to Mercy Ministries of America for exactly 6 months. Nothing really helped... and to this day, I wish I had the truly effective words to say to girls who are struggling with those issues.
83. I really like to cook, but it never fails that I haven't read the instructions correctly, and either we end up having to wait 8 hours for something to marinate, or Niles has to go back to the store at least once.
84. I love U2, and I love the CD, Achtung Baby. But I HATE the title of that CD, because I hate saying the word, Achtung.
85. I watch the Oscars every year. In fact, it's a big deal for me, and I can be extremely protective of those 4 hours. I want to start by watching the red carpet, while eating guacamole and tortilla chips, and I will happily critique every person that walks that red carpet, and I will not feel bad about it.
86. In 1999, I left college, where I was completely miserable, and moved to Houston, to be near my boyfriend at the time. Once there, I got my first waiting tables job, and made a bunch of bar-hopping, crazy-fun friends... and then realized that mostly, I didn't need to move closer to my boyfriend, I just needed to get out of my parents' house! I barely spent any time with my boyfriend anymore... just the girls. And we had a blast.
87. I'm pretty bad at keeping in touch, mostly because I hate the phone so much... So, I've kind of lost touch with all my Houston girls. But they were some of the best friends I ever had. And I do miss them, even if it's my fault we don't talk anymore.
88. I used to be a smoker. For almost 5 years off and on!! That's hard to believe now, but man, I loved it. I'm so glad that Niles hated it so much, because it made it much harder to enjoy once we got married. =)
89. I, like most other Gen-Xers, was obsessed with 90210. When Dylan and Brenda broke up, I CRIED!!! Like, SERIOUSLY cried.
90. I also loved New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB for those in the know, and Debbie Gibson. I went to concerts for both. New Kids' Christmas concert, and DG's Electric Youth concert at Starplex. I also went and waited outside the New Kids' hotel and tried to see them, with my friend Amber. =)
91. I love macaroni and cheese. I could eat boxes. Besides pizza, and squishy fries, it's probably my favorite food. I don't ever eat it though. The whole "carbs are bad" revolution really rained on my parade.
92. I was born in Orange, California, in 1977. My parents were born and raised in California. My mom was in Northern Cal, around Santa Rosa, and my dad's family moved all over. But his parents landed in Newport Beach, before they finally moved to DFW when I was in high school. They had the best house in Newport Beach, and I miss it so much. We went there at least once or twice a year.
93. When I was in third grade, I really wanted to wear lipstick, so I went into the bathroom and colored my lips with red Crayola marker. I got in trouble.
94. I used to speak in "spanish" to one brother to try to alienate the other brother that I was mad at.
95. Once me, my brothers, and my cousin Holland put on a play for my grandma. It was a play that I made up for us, and it was all in "spanish". And she totally sat through the whole thing, bless her heart. Why I always wanted to speak fake spanish, I have no idea.
96. I used to always make up plays or talent shows for me and my brothers, (who we always called "the boys" my entire life) and I would make them rehearse all day, and by the time we were supposed to do our show, they would never want to do it, and I would get really mad. My mom said she always hated it when I would come and tell her that we had a play to do for her. She knew it would always be a drama.
97. When I was in 6th grade, my church was doing "Angels Aware", and me and my best friend, MElody, didn't have main parts... Somehow, they decided to actually write in main parts for the two of us, and we played the "new characters, MElody and Harmony". I think that her parents might have complained... They were pretty strong-willed and influential. It would not surprise me.
98. Me and MElody were inseparable from 3rd grade till she went to public school in 6th grade. She was the cool girl in class, and I never understood how we got to be such good friends... but we were! And, she even made me a sweatshirt with puff paint, that had a teddy bear, and said "best buddies" on the back. I still have it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. She also was really good at trying to keep in touch with me through high school, and my parents even got a college graduation invitation from her. She went to Pepperdine! She was constantly "ahead of the curve" on everything. This sounds weird, but she was the first person I ever knew to say "random" in every other sentence. And that was probably 1991. I don't know why I didn't keep in touch, but I always regret it.
99. There are two things I always wanted to do with my life, but I was too scared and embarrassed, so I never ever even pursued them. When I was little, I would constantly read Vogue and any other fashion magazines my mom had, I would even cut out the models and look at the clothes all the time, and I would always draw clothes... I wanted to go to Parsons in NYC forever, but because I couldn't sew, I just gave up! And I was only MAYBE 13... plenty of time to learn to sew. The other thing I really wanted was to be a stage actress... I wanted to go to Broadway so badly. But I was terrified of the audition process. So, I scratched that, too. sheesh. I am going to remember those things when I'm raising Reese. DON'T QUIT!!!!
100. I was also terrified of riding in cars with people I didn't know well. The fear of awkward conversation was so horrible. So, for at least the two years before I went on my first date, I said no to every person who asked me out. And I can think of two people in particular that I was CRRRRazy for turning down.
101. Niles bought me two tickets to the U2 Elevation concert. April 2, I didn't take him. It's a long story, and you should NEVER listen to his version of it. B/c he's wrong. =)

Friday, October 20, 2006


I'm SOO exhausted!!! My little Reese monkey has been puh-retty bipolar today. She started off crazy, mostly b/c she was sleepy. But I tried to keep her awake a while, to try to keep some semblance of a schedule... So once she took her nap, she slept for over an hour and a half, which was great. I bought her this cute pink hoodie at Gap the other day, which I dressed her in, even though it was about 60 degrees. But I took it off, don't worry. We went and ran errands together, which is normally great, because once we're in the car, she's typically great. Well, not quite today. Although, she wasn't exactly a terror, just very sleepy and not sleeping easily. Soo, lots of whining ensued on my traffic-jammed drive to downtown Dallas and back. And, to her credit, all the whining wasn't hers.
Once we got back to my office, I figured she'd go right down for a nap, but... that's right. Of course not. I won't bore you with the rest of my daily details, but I am sufficiently pooped. Thank GOD I get to celebrate my anniversary tonight!!! Meaning, I get to share my little monkey with her grandparents, and SLEEP IN TOMORROW!!!
We're going to some secret restaurant tonight, followed by a late showing of Marie Antoinette, which comes out tonight, and I'm dying to see. And tomorrow, sleep and sleep and more sleep. I can't even remember what it feels like to sleep in on a Saturday... or any day for that matter.
I bought my hubby a Callaway golf bag that he supposedly loves, and he got me the cutest green iPod nano!!!! Maybe this will be my incentive to go work out. I don't have to carry my Discman anymore.

*Thank God it's Friday and I get to celebrate my anniversary =)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To Label or Not TO Label...

Today I was listening on Pugs and Kelly's Midday show, to a discussion about registered sex offenders. Kelly was saying that she thinks these RSOs need to have a sticker in the window of their home, to let people know that an RSO lives inside. One of her points was, people have to post signs that say "Beware of Dog", shouldn't we have to do the same for people who are dangerous?
While I do agree with this in some respects, I do think it would create an interesting precedent. It could really pave the way for people who are accused of all sorts of things, to be publicly humiliated on a daily basis. These days, with the frequency of lawsuits over all sorts of ridiculous offenses, I wouldn't put it past the AMerican people to demand labeling of every kind of public offender, in no time at all... For example, those who are offended by Christians, could create some type of drama resulting in everyone who is a Christian, wearing some fish sticker on their house or something... You get my point.
For those of us with children, I do think we are owed an awareness of where and who these people are... Which is what the "registered sex offender system" is for. How far do we take this thing before we start eliminating people's basic rights, not to mention the fact that we are all humans... we all make mistakes, errors, and misjudgments... And there are many, many, many times when people are wrongly accused and wrongly convicted, perhaps because of the fact that the "system" has made it so easy to get away with taking a personal offense to an ungodly level. We all know the story about the people who sued McDonalds for making them fat, and actually won. Would you have ever thought something like that would or could really happen?!?!
Having said all this, I believe that punishment for an RSO could not ever be good enough. And if the labels were to stop at RSOs and go no further, I would absolutely be for it. For someone to harm a child in any way is such an mind-blowing, inhumane, horrible, and repulsive act of unbelievable violence. And no decent, worthwhile person could ever do something so unforgiveable... Besides the act itself being harmful, the resulting lifelong psychological damage is often unbearable... I guess, like I said, I'm in agreement with this idea in many respects. But, where would it stop? Who would use this idea to further their own personal vendetta?! Probably a lot of people.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where these people exist, and live, and continue to do the things they do. And, no matter where they live, or where we iive, there will always be a threat. Which, in my opinion, is why the best thing we can do, is to remain informed, caring, and involved parents. Parents who educate their children outside of school... who spend time with them, and teach them how to live and how to treat others, how to respect themselves, and to have a HEALTHY amount of fear. Enough for them to know they have to draw boundaries, keep and respect their boundaries as well as others'... To know that walking in the dark past midnight is not a good idea...
And just enough fear to be aware that they need their mommies. =)

Anyways, just thinking out loud.

Girls Night Galore

My poor husband. He puts up with so much. =) I have been on several Girls Night outings lately. Last night I met my friends from Rockfish, Dahlia and Kim, for happy hour/dinner. We very seldom get together, so it was great to see them. We all have babies and so, talk regularly turns to child-rearing, which is actually nice. I really enjoy talking about my baby, and I know other people do, too, so to be able to talk to other moms is always nice. Noone else can really understand how exhausting it is, and at the same time, how wonderful it is, too. I seriously never thought I would be so exhausted being a mother. Everytime I heard stay-at-home moms talk about how hard it is, I sort of laughed inside... Even though, in my head I thought, well, I shouldn't be laughing... I'm sure it is more difficult than I know... but seriously?! And, of course, if I ever saw a mom with a baby who had crumbs all over her face, and no shoes, I thought, Geez, nice parenting! And, then, of course, the picking up of whatever just fell on the floor and giving it back to the child, I thought that was repulsive. Well, I, myself, am a regular offender of these three things. Definitely exhausted all the time, (although, I do take my child to work, which I think gives me added points for exhaustion) definitely don't like the crumb-y face, but if she's happy and I can sit and read at Barnes and Noble while she enjoys her crusty, messy, zwieback toast, I could care less!! And, finally, the re-handing of pacifiers and other objects that touch the floor... Not AS comfortable with that, but I will do it. So, all that to say, never say never, folks. And, especially, when in regards to parenting. Give us moms a break!!! Until you do it, ya just don't know.

Last Friday me and some girlfriends went to Town Square for a much-needed night out, followed by some dancing and just generally good fun. =) On our way to our cars, we realized that, although we went to Rockfish for dinner, we never actually ate... So I called up the restaurant, 45 minutes after they had closed, and begged my old managers to make us some food... Which they sweetly did. SO, we sat out on the patio, eating chips and spinach dip, while my friend talked in Spanish to my old manager, Jose, which he loved.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday is a regularly scheduled girls' night for me. My church girls and I, sit around at my friend Lyndsay's house, and basically just RELAX and talk, and watch our shows. IT's so great. I always look forward to it, because I know it will be laid-back and low-key. Some nights are louder than others, but it's always a good time. So, I'm definitely ready for tonight's girls' night. These are my Tuesday night girls... although, minus a couple...
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I have to make sure I schedule my girls nights just right, because Niles tends to feel a big neglected sometimes. I've probably been pushing it a bit lately, but Saturday and Sunday were family days together, and we got a lot of quality time in. We took Reesers to her first chili-cookoff, and she ate her first Frito... and I bid on a 3 month tanning membership for $30 in the silent auction, which I won. =) Because noone tans in the winter. but me.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This Thursday is our 4 year anniversary! SOOO.... we've got big plans. Not that I know them yet, but I know they're big, and I'm excited to have some QT with my cutie. =)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

annoyed again?!?!?

I hate it when people don't do their job correctly, and then ask for help, and then complain or aren't happy with the way you're helping them.
It's pretty safe to say, if not completely obvious, that truthfully you should just do your job right the first time, or don't ask people for help.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh the thinks I'm thinking...

First of all, a few things have briefly annoyed me, just a bit. So, i love blogging, and, truly, it should be a place where I get to share what I want, however I want, in whatever way I want, right?!?! So, now it becomes one more addition to the game of "how will this add to my insecurity?" =) I read other people's blogs that are so well-written and creative, and I think, oh jeez, I shouldn't be doing this. But, here I am... soldiering on. I WILL BLOG, damnit.

Here's another annoying thing. I just finished Wuthering Heights. Did I write this already? What is wrong with Emily Bronte?!?! Or WAS wrong with her anyway. I'm sorry, I know this is a classic, but I was SO disappointed. I guess I was under the impression that it was this heart-wrenching, loving, romantic novel, with a serious dilemma for Cathy, having to choose between two loves. WELL, NO. Apparently this is not the case, and everyone else in the world knew but me. I guess at the very end, justice prevails, and good things happen, but I was so depressed and unhappy while reading this book. At least I have a plethora of good reading material to look forward to, and I can put this disappointment behind me. ( BTW, I feel somehwat guilty for not loving WH... does it mean I don't respect classic literature?!?! i shudder to think...)

Annoying detail #3... I really like the names Eva and Ava for another baby girl. But, since my first little girl is Reese, and Reese Witherspoon has a daughter named Ava, these names are out of the question. For all those wondering, NO, I did NOT name my daughter after a celebrity. And, hence, I can never use the names Ava or Eva or anything resembling. But let me say, in a petty showing of girlish catty behavior, I know of a girl who I'm determined not to like, only because of past, and way past, events, who named her daughter Gwyneth. Oh LORD, are you kidding?!?!? I was named after Lindsay Wagner, so, honestly, i have no room to talk. =)

Annoying detail #4... So, my friend Lauren helped me remember (keep in mind, I already know and fully embrace the fact that I'm a nerd... already wrote a blog about it, remember?)... that i really enjoy working on puzzles. =) We did one at her house the other day, and so I had to run out and buy one at Target to just relive and rehash the fun all over again. SO, Niles completely made fun of me and mocked my new hobby. Here's the picture of my new puzzle...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and the point I was at Monday morning...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Well, Monday night I was working on it, and actually getting something done, and along comes Niles. Putting little pieces together, connecting little groupings I had done... and, inside, I was trying not to get upset. Sweet Niles. So, finally, my insides calm down, and I am at peace with his helping hands... but then he weasels over to MY side, and starts trying out pieces on the area I've been doing! I know what you're thinking... "WHO DOES THAT?!" And, ever since, as I walk down the hall, or I sit in bed, reading, I can just sense him sitting at the coffee table, putting my precious puzzle together. Oh well. I've barely touched it in two days, so I guess it's fair game. Good thing I love him so much.

I'm done with annoying details... I'll try to be pleasant now. I was so excited the other day because I bought this really cool bathtub for Reese! It's an inflatable duck! And it quacks when you hit its beak! She is getting too big for her infant tub, but she's too tiny for the bathseat I have for her, so this was my way of compromising. Plus, it's just too cute. Well, she FREAKED out. Everytime I tried to make her laugh by squeezing its beak, she started crying and reaching for me! But I'm determined to make her like it. She was much better with it tonight, but she did freak when I squeezed the beak again. Just so you know, I'm not purposely trying to frighten her by the beak-squeaking, but I just want her to get used to it, so she's not afraid!
Anyways, see here, the object of her non-affection.
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And look how cute she is...
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Why do I CARE?!?!

SOOOO... I got on my myspace page today, and noticed that earlier today I had 195 friends, and now I have 194. Which means... SOMEONE who probably doesn't know me too well, but added me as a friend, just deleted me as a friend. That's so sad!! Even though I have no idea who it is, no idea if I even know this person very well, or anything. So, WHY DOES THIS BOTHER ME?!?!?!?! Why must I be so annoying to myself to care about this trivial, stupid thing. I guess it's possible that this person even deleted their account altogether... Who knows. I just wish things like this wouldn't waste any time in my head, but they do. What is this confidence issue that I have!?!?!? Definitely not something I want to pass on to Reesers.

Monday, October 09, 2006

8 MONTHS!!! I just can't believe it. She's so much fun... SO much personality already, that I can just picture how crazy my life will be a year from now when she's actually walking and talking. She is loud, and funny, and I think she's experimenting with her voice and her face, because she is doing all these crrrazy noices and she'll scrunch her nose up real funny... as soon as I figure out how to put videos on here, I definitely will. It's hilarious. She is a handful, but I'm loving every minute of it.
Yesterday was her 8 month birthday...
This is her in her chair waiting for me to get out of the shower. (She's in the bathroom, people, I don't just leave her and go get in the shower while she gets into cupboards of Clorox or anything... )
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Then we went to church where I had worship practice, so she sat on stage with us during practice...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After church we went to Brio, where the hostesses are complete morons, but they have the absolute best patio.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
On our way to Lauren's house to watch the Cowboys' game, we saw this cute pumpkin patch, so we pulled over to take pictures!! Reese really wanted to eat the straw, that was pretty much all she cared about.
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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Bachelor

Amy came over tonight to watch the new Bachelor in Rome. First of all, I'm sadly disappointed in this bachelor. He is really not attractive at all. Amy pegged it. He looks like Steve Carrell... Who, although, not too attractive, has such a great sense of humor that you don't ever notice his looks. Too bad for the bachelor. He doesn't have the humor thing going for him. He actually seems incredibly nerdy. Poor guy. At least he's a prince.

Austin and Danity Kane!!!

So. Rewind 6 or 7 years ago... to a time when I wasn't married, didn't know my husband at all, and wasn't going to college or doing anything particularly important. If I knew then what I know now, I would pick up and move to austin, texas.
This weekend was my first time to go and spend any amount of time there. Me, and some girlfriends (Lynds, Amy, Meredith my sister-in-law, and Rebecca) went down for the night and had so much fun. We got a hotel room at the Doubletree Suites on 15th St., got margaritas and dinner at the Iron Cactus, and perused 6th St. for fun, dancing, and free stuff, which is actually freakishly common. I truly think we paid for maybe 1 drink the entire night. (Besides those at the restaurant) It was a blast. And, although extremely extremely girly, I really enjoyed my cherry vodka sour. These are the girly-drink type of girls, and when in Rome... ya know.

Anyways, the TRUE, and embarrassing, purpose behind our trip was for me to go to the autograph signing of Danity Kane. In case you haven't read my previous blog about my SERIOUS case of nerdish behaviour, Danity Kane is the band from Making the Band 3, of which I became ridiculously obsessed. I will admit that the name of the band is absurd, but i still love those girls. I feel as though I have been with them through the trials and tribulations, girlfights, and stage frights, of becoming what they are today: a reality-tv-show-turned-reality-music-stars-not-yet-widely-known-but-gorgeous-and-extremely-talented-and-here's-to-hoping. Anywhoo, I was the only one of our little girly bunch to care about this experience, but Lyndsay was kind enough to pretend that she wanted to go with me to wait in line and experience the greatness of Danity Kane up close and personal. (Just in case you might be doubting their greatness, their song "Showstopper" debuted very well, and their CD hit number one... O-KAYYY. To be honest, the music is not exactly what I enjoy... but fearless, absolute loyalty is one of my greatest strengths.)
The signing was to take place at Nordstrom from 10 am to noon... I knew in my gut that I should get up at 5 am and go to the store to wait patiently while reading a book or something, but after getting in at 3 am the previous evening, I chose to let Lynds and myself get a little beauty sleep and we didn't leave until 9:30. BIG mistake. The line was a century long, and to my defense, full of ALL kinds of people; not only 13 and 14 year olds, like I expected/dreaded. So we waited in line for 20-30 minutes, before moving an inch. Then we received "the tips" for meeting Danity Kane.
1. Please note that due to the popularity of Danity Kane (MTV's Making the Band 3 - which is good that they put that, despite the insane popularity) we cannot guarantee that you will be able to meet them in person
2. In an effort to have them meet as many of their fans as possible, we are providing the following to keep the line moving quickly... They will only be able to sign a Danity Kane photo that will be provided to you at the signing desk, or their CD, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (which they didn't, because they ran out before they got to me)
3. They will autograph items but will not be able to personalize them with names.

Okay, first of all... NO PHOTOS!?!?!? Are you kidding me?! I understand prohibiting personal photos with them, but not even to be able to take them from afar??? ridiculous. And they were hard-core about it, too. we saw someone taking a picture with his camera, and the security guard jumped all over him.

Secondly, the fact that they ran out of material to sign before they even got to me, just pissed me right off. Especially since I only wanted a poster, not an album. So, one more reason that made waiting in line less desirable.

Thirdly, the girls were going to leave AT noon. They weren't going to just stop the line at noon, they would actually be gone. SO, the fact that our part of the line had not moved for 30 minutes, did not give us a good shot. This was the straw the broke the camel's back. Lynds and I decided just to go inside the mall, and at least see if we could get a glimpse of the band. We did! Not a great view, though. They were blocked from the front by huge black security guards, and there were MANY of them. It was actually a little excessive, even in the opinion of one who adores them. So, we got a good side view of them. I saw Shannon and Wanita's faces, and Aubrey from the side view... And Dawn turned around once, but Aundrea we only saw from the back. FYI, there's no need to point out how lame it is that I know them all by name, thank you. Aubrey was SOOO freakin' tiny! And normally she looks so cool and stylish, and I guess she kind of did, but she had this silky pink scarf around her head, and her hair in a side, low ponytail with a clip. She also had on a ton of makeup. Anyways, no doubt about it, it was great to see them in person. But, in some ways, a bit of a disappointment. I should have followed my gut feeling and gotten there at 5 am. I would have been happy enough to sit there reading magazines for several hours.
But, I have to give great thanks to my girls, who, though completely uninterested in my band, love me enough to give in to a trip to Austin just for me. =)