Saturday, November 21, 2009

Okay, duh, I already know I'm a ridiculous 30 year old teenager...

So yes, after thousands of weeks of counting down to New Moon via my New Moon Countdown App (thank you all-knowing, all-resourceful, all-powerful iPhone!), Thursday night brought the highly-anticipated evening of my 2009 thus far. (Oh yes, besides the birth of my son... haha.. which I will clearly blog about in the near future - too much to catch up on, I have to start small)

Me and some of my fellow die-hard (or Twi-hard if you will...) Twilight friends caught a lucky break thanks to Awesome Jackie, and went on Thursday evening at 6 pm... A full 6 hours before it was really released to the public. We all spent one night at my house decorating T-shirts and watching the first Twilight which was a blast. Here's the rundown of our artistic expressions:
"They call me Spider Monkey" - me
"I'd rather be in Forks" - Jackie
"Edward prefers brunettes" - Julie
"Edward... 'nuf said" - April
"Team McSparkle" - Rebekah
"How long have you been 17" - Virginia

So, Thursday we met exceptionally early to head out to the theater and waited from 4 until 6 in line, FIRST in line I might add. By the time they pulled back the rope to let us down the hall to the theater, we literally took off running down the hallway. We didn't even look back. As we got some awesome seats in the theater, we then proceeded to engage in fits of screaming, hand-grabbing, and yes, even spirit fingers!!! It was such a rush of excitement to finally be in the theater!!! We sat through what felt like endless amounts of unnecessary previews for movies we cared less about, before... finally... the Summit logo crossed the screen and it was TIME!!!

New Moon nearly met all my expectations, and absolutely raised the bar from the sub-par, albeit still much-loved, Twilight. There are, as I would think any avid Twilight lover has to admit, some things that were definitely lacking in the movie, but I don't know that any movie can ever truly satisfy your readers' expectations. They are just too great and fantastic to be translated. However, I am so happy with the final and overall product that is New Moon!!! In fact, so happy that I'm going to see it again tomorrow night, which will be followed with many more viewings I'm sure.

I do obviously wish there had been more Edward, but that was to be expected. Kristen Stewart was such a better Bella this time around and so much more likable. Jacob was so great that I nearly could have switched "teams". Nearly - but not quite. =) I do wish Edward would not have gotten his butt kicked in the Volturi fight scene... That was really frustrating. Especially since he can READ MINDS and therefore ANTICIPATE ALL FIGHTING MOVES!?!?!??! So, seriously, that was a problem. Also, from the point Alice shows up and the Italy trip ensues, the movie moves way too quick for my liking. There was sooo much for Edward and Bella to discuss after they got back together and there was none of that in the film, which I'm not happy about... But like I said, OVERALL, sooo wonderful and fabulous and lovely. I can't wait to see it again!!!


(team edward for life, duh)