Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yup. That's me!

We found out two weeks ago today, so February 5th...
I took EIGHT tests this month for various reasons. I think obviously I knew something was different this month, but the first four tests all came back negative. Of course, I did buy two of them at the Dollar Store and two of them on clearance at Tom Thumb. But I figured, a test's a test, right?! Well, apparently the days between tests 4 and 5 clearly were a landmark moment. =)

My first REAL clue was a few Sundays ago. I was on my way home from church and ALL I WANTED WAS TACO BUENO NACHOS! Like, more than anything on the planet and I wanted them YESTERDAY. So... weird. I actually took my 4th cheap test that day, and it came out negative.
The next day, same thing. Taco Bueno nachos on the brain. I was obsessed. So I literally ate Bueno nachos for 3 days straight! I mean, they're good, but really?! for 3 days?!
Each day I felt weirdly nauseated, which is very unlike me, as I do not have a weak stomach and I rarely get sick to my stomach.
So Thursday, on my way to staff meeting, I could immediately tell that if I did not EAT right then, I was going to be completely sick!! I walked in and said this, and my friend Katherine looked at me and said, "Are you pregnant?!" She, being pregnant, feels like this very often. So, that was a major red flag.

I bought the first digital test that day, and sure enough, PREGNANT!

Niles and I have actually been planning for this sweet baby for several months, and I was right at the point where I felt like maybe this was going to be a long road. Thank God that His timing is the best for us and that only He knows His plans and His plans are best! I'm so excited about this journey and about adding this new little blessing to our family!!

We went to the doctor yesterday, and against my hopes of being almost 9 weeks, we found that we are only 6. =( Oh well. I really love the "bigness" of being pregnant and that whole experience, so I was hoping it was happening sooner rather than later. But, it's okay. If we base this experience on the last, I should be showing in about 3 weeks. =)

Due date for now? October 16!! Three days before our 7th anniversary!!

SO exciting!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Since I finally decided to give in and do my 25 things on Facebook, I figured I could at least put all that effort to good use and double up on my bloggage for the day.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I love anything involving making some type of list. Hence my submission to the 25 things craze...

2. I love hearing the sounds of my daughter singing and playing in her room absentmindedly... She makes up her own songs.


4. I'm completely in love with Twilight, and you probably are too.

5. I spent an entire day of my life in a movie theater when you count up all the times I saw Titanic.

6. I could spend days on end reading and be completely content. I could spend days on end just reading Twilight and be totally content. As long as I have at least 10 books on my bookstand, I can be content. I'm a book junkie.

7. I eat Sour Patch Watermelons at least once a week

8. I love going dancing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Except country dancing.

9. I could really go for having 4 kids. I love being pregnant, and I LOVE my little girl.

10. We have a demon cat named Lola, who I'm starting to love, because she's actually only nice to me.

11. I take a bath almost every night, so I can finally get some reading time in before I go to bed. And it just seems easier to wash my face that way...

12. I despise having to go to sleep and end my day. No matter how tired I am!

13. I get extremely ansty and cabin-fevered if I stay home for too long - which usually ends up in me going to Target and buying something.

14. Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places to go. And I could stay there for hours. Oh and Half-Price books too, but B&N is much more cozy.

15. I really want to do a whole trip through Europe; backpack, hostels, trains, whatever... I'm not scared! I just want to see it all. I especially want to go to Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

16. I could very easily eat pizza with extra cheese and/or cheese fries with ranch EVERY SINGLE DAY. A meal without cheese just does not count.

17. I love jigsaw puzzles, but I have to do them few and far between, because it literally takes over my life until I finish. Not to mention that it takes over our entire table, and makes Niles none too thrilled.

18. I love music. I have to have music with everything I do. Can't work out without it, can't have a get-together without it, need it when I walk in the door. I will make a playlist for everything and I LOVE burning CDs for people!!

19. I really do enjoy cooking, but it seems rare lately that I ever get creative. When Niles and I lived in Florida, I pulled out my cookbooks every Sunday, picked out an entire meal plan for the week, and made a new dinner every single night.

20. I only let Reese watch shows that I enjoy having on in the background. Excluding Dora.

21. I waited tables for 3 years at Rockfish, and nearly 2 total years at two different Chilis. I actually really loved waiting tables!!

22. I LOVE my job, love the people I work with and LOVE going to meetings!!

23. I love Christmas and everything about it. This year was the first time in a long time that I didn't send out Christmas cards by Thanksgiving and didn't have my tree up by mid-November! It was so sad!

24. I love working out, being busy, having a lot of things on my plate. Otherwise I feel completely unmotivated and useless.

25. I have still not gotten my degree... I have only 7 classes left!!