Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, Reese has been on a big sticker frenzy lately. She loves them, and they keep her occupied for quite some time, which is fantiastic.
So, at Target this morning, I saw they had a bunch of stickers on sale for 42 cents. (Seriously, 42 cents? why 42?)
Anyways, I grabbed some fish, some Tinkerbells, and some cute bunnies.

Only later when we were at home and Reese was sticking Bunny stickers all over Niles did we realize what those cute bunnies were communicating to our sweet girl.
Here's a small sample for you:




"Hi. Cram It." ???? Who the heck writes these things?!

So Niles kept me fully entertained reading off each sticker as Reese stuck them onto his arm. Here's a few of my favorites:

"look how nice I am not laughing at you"

(picture bunny holding a guitar) "I know it's loud. I just don't care" ?!?!?!?!

And my personal favorite:
"I have a dream, and in it something eats you."

And to think, someone is actually making money off of these.
Ahh, the American dream. =)


So something has been called to my attention.
I already sensed it as I wrote my blog on Sunday...

I mainly use this blog as a place to vent my frustrations, vent my feelings about life, child-rearing, everything... But I also probably spend too much time whining aobut my full schedule and how I never get to "rest", and not nearly enough time talking about the fullness of my life, and how much I ENJOY my daughter.

Let me put this in no uncertain terms... Having Reese is the most fulfilling, wonderful experience I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I love every little thing about that little girl. I love her crazy hair that I cannot fix smoothly to save my life. I love how she sings songs to herself, makes up music on her own, I love watching her do her puzzles, struggling to put each little piece exactly in its place. I love watching her color, concentrating so hard on holding that marker, pressing it so firmly onto the paper that I'm scared she is going to push the marker part out the other end! I love how she "works on her house", tearing her playhouse apart and pounding on it with her plastic hammer. I love how she wants to have books in her bed with her when she goes down for her nap. I love B!! I love that she always wants to wear dresses, and dancing shoes... And I love her so much, that I cry as I write this because any difficult days, any temper tantrums, any days where I have raised my voice at her when maybe I shouldn't have because I was that frustrated, any time where she has flat out ignored everything I am saying and completely disregards me, pale in comparison to the joy that she has brought to my life.

I say this so that when I have a second child, I can reassure myself, that while the "baby days" are difficult, the joys to come and the experience of loving a child and being loved by a child is immeasurable and incomprehensible. It so far surpasses my highest expectations of being a mom.

I had a very difficult first couple months being a mom, and a difficult time during the 7 month old to 9 month old phase, as well. But I can barely even remember that now. It all goes so fast. And the difficult days end - every 24 hours! Because even one day in a child's life changes them it seems. I remember looking at my friend's 2 year olds when Reese was only 1, and thinking, there is NO way Reese will be there in a year!

ALL THIS TO SAY, for all you moms out there having any difficulties, having tough days, days where you need help (!), days where you feel totally alone in this whole thing (despite your husband's best attempts!), days where you feel like your life is completely ripped out of your hands... IT GETS BETTER!! AND BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER!!! Trust me.

The other day Reese came up to me on the couch, standing next to me while I sat, and she put her arm around my neck, stared smiling at me for a bit, and just leaned over and kissed my head. If that doesn't rock your world, than I don't know what could.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting Lola in on the Photo Booth Action

First, just us...


At this point, Lola is not too happy with me...



Not-So-Sleepy Sunday

So, I'm a church-skipper today. Not feeling so great, exhausted from the weekend, and really needing some down-time. However, seeing as I am now resigned to the house due to our one-car household, this also means I am constrained to our home with my preciously high-energy highly-emotional toddler who, as I write, is hollering in frustration over the collapse of her Lego tower. The 5th said Tower we have constructed in the last 10 minutes. SO, down-time is not something I will have the luxury of enjoying.

Here are the things I would like to do this morning:

1. Lay down on the couch for 10 consecutive minutes (or more)
2. Finish my TIME magazine
3. Sit still
4. READ.
5. Not watch Dora, Charlie & Lola, or Go, Diego, Go.
6. Drink coffee; maybe even 2 cups
7. Take a shower by myself
8. Go for a run outside ALONE

Here are the things I will end up doing this morning, and already have done, since 6:30 am when Reese woke up:

1. Lay down for a teasing 3 minutes before hopping up to respond to shrieks of "mommy"
2. Start 3 separate articles in TIME before #1 ensues
3. Sit still not long enough to know how awesome it feels to be sitting.
4. Read Angelina Ballerina, Berenstein Bears, and Miss Mopp's Lucky Day.
5. Watch Charlie & Lola
6. Pour 3 cups of coffee, but only drink 1/4 of each cup before #1 ensues.
7. Will end up taking a shower with Reese either outside the door watching and crying to come in, or with Reese at my feet crying because the soap is getting in her eyes.
8. Running doesn't seem so important anymore.

Okay, let it just be known, that Reesey is just in a phase where Mommy is the only one she will cry to, or lean on, call for right now, which in some ways is sweet, but also pretty exhausting. I love my little girl with all my heart, but I would really love some alone time at the moment. =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Add to Words I HATE...


blech... it's a horrible word!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Must Share...

So I'm pretty excited because I found some great music lately, as WELL as made a pretty sweet workout playlist.
If you have spent any time around me and my iPod, you know we have a very close relationship. I spend ridiculous amounts of time looking for good music, and even more so, GREAT workout music. I can't even fathom working out without something perfect to listen to; and that is usually my biggest complaint with any workout class. I'm so tired of spinning to classic rock! NOTHING against classic rock, mind you, I'm always up for some Boston or Steve Miller Band, but I just cannot get excited about working out to "Sweet Home Alabama","Jungle Love" or any other Eagles songs anymore! Seriously!!

SO, here's what I would call Playlist of the Year.
If you need to get pumped up for running your marathon commitments, 5Ks, or other various energy expenditures, THIS, I promise you, will do the job. I'm so proud of myself!

So proud, I just might burn you a copy if you ask. =) (and before you get all worked up, know that just because I choose to exercise to the likes of Girlicious or Pussycat Dolls, does not mean I own fishnet hose, wear bustiers or even enjoy kissing girls. it's all for the calories, people!!)

1. Hot N Cold - katy perry
2. So What - pink
3. Like Me - girlicious
4. Disturbia - rihanna
5. Sorry - madonna
6. Forever - chris brown
7. When I Grow Up - pussycat dolls
8. 2 of You - danity kane
9. New Workout Plan - kanye west
10. Piece of Me - britney
11. Move Shake Drop Remix - dj laz
12. Damaged - danity kane
13. Do It Well - jennifer lopez
14. Ooh Ooh Baby - britney
15. Low - flo rida
16. Stronger - kanye west
17. 4 Minutes - madonna
18. Gimme More - britney
19. I Kissed A Girl - katy perry
20. Here I Come - the roots
21. Say This Sooner - the almost
22. Sexy Back - justin timberlake
23. Radar - britney
24. Unconditional - the bravery
25. Viva la Vida - coldplay
26. Mercy - duffy
27. Break the Ice - britney
28. What You Waiting For? - gwen stefani
29. Holiday (Faded Ending) - green day
30. Charlotte - air traffic

Okay, so my list actually goes to 61 songs, but I won't bore you.
Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Oh, and if you haven't already, check out The Weepies.

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Little Princess

Reese and Emma'S playdate.
So cute.