Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 08! Thank GOD.

So, we are saying Good Bye to '08...
Let me rephrase, Good FREAKING Bye '08.
What an exhausting year!! BUT, amidst the grievances that can be attributed to this year, there are also some great things and experiences, as with every year.
Probably one of my favorite things I did this year happened only a mere three weeks ago when I ran the White Rock half-marathon! Sadly, I have no photos yet... but I will post when I do. I am mostly proud because I literally trained MAYBE once a week and really did not run at all for two weeks before the race! I have no idea why. I think I have been a bit lethargic lately. Anyway, I finished the race in 2:28! Which basically comes down to a 11:22 minute mile. I'm pretty happy with that considering my training could barely be considered training, at any stretch of the imagination.

Well, since my other big, exciting news is that I have a suh-weet iPhone now, I finally am able to take pictures and, drum roll, POST THEM TO MY BLOG!! TA-DAH!!

So, before I get to posting, here is a Christmas breakdown -
Reese got a mountain of Princess clothing, Princess, slippers, Princess wands, crowns, earrings, jewels, etc. Pretty much just take a consensus of every item you own, attach a Princess theme to it, and Reese probably got one for Christmas. You think I'm kidding.
Niles got me a $100 gift certificate to Luke's Locker so I can get some really serious running shoes! I'm so excited. Plus, he is paying for me to go back to boot camp. That means, I will have to stop being lazy, and start getting some muscle back on this body!! I'm also super excited about it. I need to start 2009 off on an inspiring note, and boot camp is the perfect way to do that, as I already know well.

So, now that the year is coming to a close, it is funny to look back on how differently this year is ending than how it began. Completely different in nearly every single way. I really do love change, even as it intimidates me and I can get a bit anxious about the "unknown"... But I don't like to stay stagnant for too long, and if 2009 continues along the pace that the second half of 08 did, than it is going to be a fast-moving year!! I am truly excited about the coming year, and I am very excited about all the possibilities on the horizon. SO... going out with Reesey's best friend today was the perfect way to close out the year.

Presenting, more of the Reese and Emma Show (via Central Market & iPhone)
Photobucket Photobucket

And here are some pics from our day at the library. Reese loves the computers because they have "Reesey Games" and she can sit there for hours.

Tonight we are off to hang out with some friends and Reesey's boyfriends (there are so many!) so it will be a nice way to say goodbye to 2008, BUT WE WILL DEFINITELY MISS Niles!! It is back to our usual routine of not spending New Years Eve together! =)