Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reese and Grandad

I have not posted any pictures of Reese in ages! And since our trip to Mexico, our camera has never been the same. SO, since the last time I got great pictures of Reese was when she was having a lengthy conversation with her grandad, that's what you get. And besides that, they are PRECIOUS pictures.
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This year I'm thankful for...

Oh my gosh it has been quite a week.
A week and a half ago I was having serious pain in one of my molars and found out I needed to have it pulled! And along with that, they wanted to pull that pesky wisdom tooth that was pushing in on that sweet little molar. So, on the weekend that I should have been driving to Houston for an old friend's wedding, I spent my time on the couch, ice pack to my swollen face, and a mouth full of gauze. Awesome. I was seriously disappointed because I was really looking forward to going to this wedding. So many of my friends that I never see anymore were going to be there and because I was high on codine for 48 hours, I missed out on all the fun. I'm so sad!! Well, I did finally resurrect myself to go to dinner with some friends on Monday night, and I chose to enjoy a margarita, the result of which would normally be a really happy buzzy feeling. Instead, I got a freakin' DRY SOCKET. Which, if you don't know what that is, let's sum it up like this: undeniable, throbbing, lifesucking pain. I don't know that I necessarily got the DS as a result of the margarita, because I did call my doctor to make sure it was okay... But since I had done everything humanly possible to keep myself from getting this horrendous infliction, that's the only conclusion I can come to.

So, Wednesday I went to my new dentist, who may end up dropping me shortly out of sheer annoyance with my never ending phone calls... (seriously it was almost as bad as how often I called the pediatrician after Reese was born - A LOT) He "packed" the socket with this foul-tasting medication and I went on my way, hoping against all hope that I was cured. Not. Happening. Thanksgiving day I managed to cope and still enjoy my holiday with our friends (our family event was Wednesday night) but I was popping pain meds every few hours. Finally Friday, on my poor dentist's day off no less, I was admitted to get some more medication which seemed to ease my pain for a while.

What a week!! I'm so thankful for my new dentist. They have graciously opened their offices to me several times this week, even though it was a holiday and they were SLAMMED. And they didn't charge me for any of the visits, which I'm so grateful for. If you need a dentist, Huckabee Dental in Southlake. That's where it's at, my friends.

Other than that, it has been a great holiday!!

UPDATE on the Cole home: still on the market. Sooo... looks like Christmas won't be as sad as I thought. =) YAY!