Wednesday, August 29, 2007

so tired

I have been so exhausted lately that I very nearly
feel the need to buy a pregnancy test! Getting in bed
at 9:30, falling asleep before 10:30.. this is so
completely unlike me. I am, in fact, so tired right
now, that I hear Reese making a lot of racket behind
me (which is actually far less scary than her total
silence, which usually is a sign that she is into
something terribly inappropriate) and I'm having a
hard time even looking around, for fear that I may
have to actually get up out of my chair. This is not

It's one of those days where I could literally sit in
one place, in a total daze, and feel completely okay
about that. Normally I don't like to sit still unless
there's a magazine, book, or puzzle in front of me, as
well as a movie going or music playing... and I can't
help but think of all the things I should be doing.

I'm wondering if it's possible that my poor diet is
contributing to my tiredness... but there's nothing
different in my diet now than there has been for...
forever! So, what's the deal?!?!

If I took a pregnancy test today and it turned
positive, I could very nearly promise you that Niles
would go take a close look at his protection
collection to see if I'd "tampered" with it. That's
how much of a shock it would be.

Okay. I really must find out the source of all the
racket going on behind me. Sounds like videotapes
being haphazardly ripped out of their cases and tossed
aside for sport.

It is.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mommy Tip

Okay. This is going to seem a little random, but
anytime I find a good money-saving or time-saving
mommy tip, I think it should be shared.

Target diapers.

As any parent knows, a major budget-sucker are (is?)
diapers. I'm always a little weary of cheap brands
because usually you get what you pay for... and
diapers are one thing you should not be scared to
spend money on.

But I got a Target box of 92 diapers for $13!!!! I've
been on the same box for over a week and a half now
and we have had no leakage, no accidents, no wet crib
mattress... So, I'm sold. AND, no diaper rash... don't
let me forget that important issue. I'm so excited.

I've used Walmart brand diapers and "parents choice"
diapers... They all suck. Not Target.

If you know me, you know I'm a little fanatic about
Target... Im trying to wean myself off of my daily
trip as it's a little embarrassing because now the
staff always recognize me. I'm sure they sit and talk
about me in the break room like "hey, crazy Target
girl came back in today and you know what she
bought??" Embarrassing.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big Day!!

Today is Reese's first concert.
Who is it you ask? The Strokes? U2? Fergie? no.
Only the most.talented. most. innovative. group. of. all. time.
We are Racing to the Rainbow today, guys. It is Reese's highlight of the day when I turn on the TV (which I try to do increasingly less, as I want my child to have some semblance of imagination and creativity on her own someday) and she hears that familiar refrain all of us parents know and "love"... "It's the Wiggles, it's the Wiggles, dancing with our friends..."
I have to say honestly, I am a bit excited myself seeing as I pretty much watch the show just as much as Reese and now feel some emotional attachment to the four colorful fellas. I have turned to them in some dark times. Times when I thought I could never get Reese to calm down, or stop crying, or help me figure out what was wrong; times when I felt the world closing in on our tiny apartment as I racked my brain thinking of ways I could help her. These are the Wiggle times. When the Wiggles are on, Reese's world comes to a stop. She sits down, stops crying, pulls her blankie on to her lap (or if she's happy, she dances and claps along with the songs) and gives mom a few moments' rest and recuperation. Or at least 30 minutes to get something done. Hopefully she won't die of shock when she sees Jeff (the purple guy) running around in the crowd. And he better... because that's what they show on TV and I am counting on grabbing onto his hips and starting a major conga line. Bet they'll show THAT on tv.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

disclaimer: For all you parents out there who are thinking of challenging me over the use of TV to help calm my child down... don't bother. I don't care what you think. =)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Technology + Me= Dammit.

Well, it's been a good two months since I last
blogged. For some friggin reason, every time I would
log in to start a new post, it would give me some
error message saying that my template was invalid?!
Who knows. Me and electronic devices do not mesh well.
I am literally known at every office I have ever
worked at, for messing up the one computer that is
supposed to withstand any and all viruses, bugs, and
nuclear disasters that come its way. Except me. I am
the indestructible, walking, breathing virus.

But I must say, I have an old Mac at the office that I
am now using, (all because, of course, my previous PC
caught some sort of pop-up disease; one resembling the
end of solitaire when all the cards start bouncing all
over the screen... except the popups don't go away or
deal again) and thus far, knock on wood, have had no
issues!! Go Mac!!

So far this year, I have successfully destroyed one
Mac laptop, one PC laptop, and a PC desktop. In that
order. Why? Just for kicks. Just because I always
hoped my life would be more difficult, more complex,
less efficient or organized. I started off the year
feeling just a bit too on top of things, ya know?

Here are a few other things I have accomplished

1. Orlando, Florida, circa August 2005 - hurricane
season, lots of thunder and lightning storms. All the
computers and basically all general electronics at my
office building are on a backup system. All but one.
All but the measly little crapper I had in my cubicle
on the second floor, left wing of the building on the
right. That's right. Everyone else was up and running
in seconds. Not me. It took me a team of Campus
Crusade "tech specialists" to keep trading out
computers till finally they settle on one they thought
might withstand Hurricane Lindsay.

2. Dallas, TX, Thanksgiving break, 2005 - Outlook, all
mail systems, all programs successfully running before
I go to Tennessee for holiday. All mail programs
unsuccessfully running when I return, and thus never
returned to proper working order. Ever.

3. Dallas, TX, circa February 2007 - large printer
stops working. Just. stops. And it costs a good 500
dollars just for a diagnostic?! Are you kidding? I
guess I didn't realize it ran on Kia parts.

4. Mac laptop - have used consistently for the last
three years. Stopped working during midterms of my
first class back in college. awesome.

5. PC laptop - used simply to fill in for the Mac
laptop for a month or so. Quit working the night
before my research paper was due.

6. PC desktop, office, two months ago - Pop up

There you have it. A short history of my computer
shortcomings. Why do people always buy me such crappy


Tuesday, August 21, 2007