Friday, March 28, 2008

Jumping with Emma!

Oh my gosh, Reese has a girlfriend! YAY! It's about time. I mean, girls, I love your sons. I love Reese having options in case she and Carson don't work out (I'm just kidding, but as you can see, they tend to gravitate towards each other's lips) ... but a girl's gotta have her girls!

So Rebekah and I took our girls to a bouncy house place today and they were great together. It was so cute.
Reese was a bit suspicious of the looming inflatable houses of bounce terror and she was just throwing tantrums right and left. I basically forced her to endure a obstacle course of fun. I mean, what kind of mother am I?! But eventually she overcame her fear and at the end I had to deal with the temper tantrum of not wanting to leave. Typical. All in all, the day was a success! And we got to have some grownup talk, too. You know, talking about our un-grownups.


Lotsa Pictures!

LOTSA LOTSA pictures to post!!

First off, I love taking Reese to the park. We are fortunate enough to have a lot of options for parks in this area and recently I found my total favorite. It's never too crowded, and it has a pond, sand volleyball court, a toddler playground and a "big girl" playground. Its awesome. We took bread to feed the ducks, who of course wouldn't come near us, and most of that experience was spent holding Reese back from falling into the pond, where, digustingly, I found a huge dead fish floating. So we may just stay near the land next time around.

Okay, and here's from Easter.
My mom was sweet enough to get Reese a really cute dress and Easter basket so we had several different Easter egg hunts, and we kept her in that dress until she crashed from the insane amount of sugar I allowed her to consume as well as the constant running around resulting from that sugar consumption. But I promise, I made her eat like, TONS of her gummy veggie vitamins to make up for it.


so i suck at brackets!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In this season of brackets...

I am too out of the loop to know how to make my NCAA bracket this year, and I'm certainly too discouraged by my Dallas team to make any sort of prediction or even talk about basketball. Period.

So, my "bracket" right now will just be trying to predict the next ten weeks of American Idol eliminations. =)
Okay, I will admit it. I completely overshot Chikezie's chances. But at least, ya know, he had that ONE. GREAT. NIGHT!!

This week I'm calling Kristy Lee Cook - OUT. Seriously. It's time. Too many chances, now matter how sweet and likable she is, she needs to go.

Next week - Ramiele. Out. Cute. Sweet. Go on, get going.

For the Next Two Weeks after - Chikezie or Dreadhead Jason Castro. Depends on who does better. (And, let it be known, I think Castro is super-cute)

Next - Syesha.

David Archuleta - PLEASE. I'm soooo over him. Yes, he's adorable and he's going to get this far ONLY because of the million screaming 13 year olds. Truth be told, I'd much rather him leave way earlier. Come on, the whole "... when I sing this song I just think of all the people in the world who don't have houses..." Need I say more?! "Someone" has a stage parent!

Michael Johns - I really like him a lot. I sure hope he gets to stay this long.

Carly, Brooke and David Cook.

I think the big upset is going to be Carly leaving first, and then Brooke and David Cook are going to be the final two.
And either of those I would be happy with!!

So there's my AI blog for the week. And the season for that matter!

Seacrest. out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's American Idol time again!!!

Finally all the auditions are over... The top twelve are here, and I'm so excited!
This is probably the first of many AI blogs to come just like last year when I was ranting over Antonella, Sanjaya and Haley (WHAT was all that about people?!).

So I missed the live show yesterday as I was in Houston working an event, so I'm in the midst of watching it today to catch up.

I have only watched two performances so far, Syesha, who I have loved until the last two shows... and Chikezie.

CHIKEZIE literally brought me to tears because I was sooo excited for him and absolutely loving his performance. He was incredibly entertaining, his voice was outstanding and he was genuinely enjoying himself and sincere throughout the entire thing!! If you watched it I doubt you could disagree that he might have just landed himself in the final 2 or 3 just as a result of this performance.

Watching him afterwards during the judging, I was even more tearful because just hearing how the judges gushed over him and truly gained a huge amount of respect for him made me so genuinely excited!! Call me overly-emotionally invested, or call me a wagon-jumper... I don't care! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!! And I really hope that he keeps it up.
SURELY, some of you agree with me!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


1. PRE-SCHOOL! I took Reesers for the first time today. She did so great! She ate all her lunch, slept on her nap mat (shocking to me) and all-around had a great time! I'm so proud of my baby girl.

2. Once - the movie, the soundtrack... I love it all. I was bawling in the first ten minutes, and I don't know why. It wasn't even sad crying, just tears that somehow forced their way out. Trust me, this is a keeper!

3. A Fine Frenzy - the new CD: One Cell in the Sea.

4. Eat, Pray, Love - fanatically reading through this book. It's so moving, and somehow can relate to millions and millions of women simultaneously. I've come to this realization b/c as soon as I started reading it, I've seen at least 5 or 6 women holding this book while out at the park, waiting at the doctors' office, etc.

5. Skinny Bitch - Despite feeling as though I'm being verbally abused by the foul=mouthed authors, this might be the one book that could snap me out of my junk-loving, veggie-loathing ways. Something has to! So far I've learned that aspartame is Satan and turns into formaldehyde once it gets into my body. I was drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper as I read along. =)

6. Across the Universe - the soundtrack. The movie was good, too, but the soundtrack is infinitely better.

7. Afrin nasal spray - I'm telling you, this is the one thing that has given me any relief for the past two weeks. Yet another thing Skinny Bitch is teaching me... This stuff is the last thing I should be shooting up my nose. Apparently my body is trying to communicate something to me. I'VE GOT IT!! Lets MOVE ON.

8. NPR's podcast: Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me... I've loved it forever, but I'm getting this close to flying my butt to Chicago for one Saturday visit to the Shrine Auditorium.

9. Sonic. I freaking love Sonic.

TTFN. =)