Monday, February 14, 2011

V Day 2011

I guess I really am one of those people who just doesn't get into Valentine's Day!

I completely forgot about it all weekend long, and then this morning was woken up by a beautiful, MASSIVE bouquet of roses from Niles! I am really in shock and can't believe he got up so early and ran out to grab them! He also got Reese a really cute pink and red turtle. I guess Cameron just has to get used to V-Day being about the girls. Although... I suppose that was where I did an epic "mommy fail" because I totally didn't do anything for either of my children for Valentine's!! Welp. There's always next year!!

I may try to cook something... That's a gift around here.

Realistically, what I would LOVE to be doing right now, is driving out to Borders. Because my new BFF in cyberspace and fake reality, is the Pioneer Woman and I LOVE and ADORE her, and she is literally 40 miles away from me, RIGHT NOW!!!
I would really, really, really like to be in the car with my children right now to obtain a signature and photo. =)
BUT, alas, it s Monday. A workday. For me and my husband. I also have two children, one that requires two naps a day, one of which would be right now, as we speak... the same "right now" in which I should be standing in line at Borders to meet my BFF.

Fingers crossed... maybe we'll head out after naptime, and just maybe the line will be dwindling, and just maybe she will stay until the store closes because I imagine she is that kind of awesome friend. =)

Stay tuned!!!

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Jess said...

Reading blogs and this one made me laugh! Love you Linds!