Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life is good. It's good I tell ya

So, in the interest of updating this blog, if only to make the first thing you see something non-Twilight-related, I will go ahead and write about actual life happenings in the Holsinger home! =)

It is busy.

It is very, very, let me say it, crazy busy.

Reese, my beautiful, charming, funny toddler is now a "big girl" at age 4. She is practically a teenager in her mind's eye. Sometimes I find this extremely unnerving, especially after a recent conversation I had with an actual teenager. If you know me and we have had a conversation about my children, you know that the years from 12 to 18 are especially terrifying to me. I literally have visions of horrifying parties, raves, Reese waving glow sticks, sneaking out her window and wearing mini-jeanskirts with ripped up fishnet stockings that she pulled out of her backpack after leaving my home in a plaid jumper over a turtleneck. I can't even tell you the atrocities that start to form in my head. But I refuse to be the "cool mom" who lets my kids drink underage b/c "at least they're in my home"... and all that business (channeling Amy Poehler in Mean Girls). However, I'm dying to learn the secrets of those parents who raised their children to be open and honest with them, meanwhile keeping a safe distance from their social lives so as not to embarrass them, etc. Does this mean I have to stop yelling at the kids who are mean on the playground?! I don't know... I actually find a lot of satisfaction in disciplining those kids at Central Market - that's where they usually hang out.
Okay, so anyways... back to reality.

Reese remains funny, charming and beautiful, and I absolutely love and adore her. She is quite emotional/sensitive these days and has a hard time with listening, which is to be expected for a 4 year old. But I do think this personality has something to do with the craziness of our busy lives, and the decrease in attention I can give her between my job and the new baby. She had me to herself for almost 4 years, and we literally did EVERYTHING together up until 5 months ago. So, clearly, she has had some major transition to get used to. Bless her heart. I'm making a concerted effort to take her with me for a couple hours at a time to do things, and hopefully the more often we can do this together, the more normal she will start to feel again.

CAMERON, the most precious, handsome little man, with a smile that completely melts your heart, a laugh that reduces me to a puddle on the floor, and eyes that are just out of this world... What can I say?!!? He is just remarkable. I adore that little boy and am over the moon in love with him!! I just want to put him in my pocket so I can have him with me all the time. He has brought so much joy to our family and it truly shows me that when it comes to kids, your heart truly stretches and the love you never thought you could possibly share for another child, just kind of rocks your world. Cam slept in our bed with us for 3 months, half because I was nursing and just needed SLEEP, and half because I just fell in love with my little cuddle-buddy and didn't want to move him. haha... He is totally a light sleeper, so our biggest issue with him has mostly been sleep-scheduling and just a total lack of consistency. He does his own thing, albeit, with a beautiful smile on his face so I can't get too upset with him! He is constantly moving, kicking, standing, flailing... He watches his big sister like a hawk and is so ready to do everything she does! He laughs at her all the time and she is always talking to him and trying to make him laugh. They are absolutely hilarious together.

Me and Niles find ourselves with nary a night to relax or lay low, as responsibilities at church and work and home continue to grow. God has us in a really unique and fabulous time in our lives, but it definitely has its new and exciting challenges! Scheduling our lives on a day-to-day basis has become a necessity, and to plan anything fun or friend-wise is either a totally spontaneous in-the-moment decision, or planned a month out! I love to be busy, but a vacation would certainly be welcome right now. Or realistically, 3 nights of uninterrupted sleep would do, too. Under-eye concealer is my new best friend. But as life and schedules have become so busy, God's grace and presence have become more real than ever before! It's probably because daily, I have had to lean on Him and trust Him with each concern, each and every issue of frustration or worry... I have experienced His movement in my spirit and heart like never before and am literally finding joy and peace beyond comprehension through simply knowing I am His child and He is my King, my Counselor, my friend and above all, my SAVIOUR!! It excites me to feel such a growing desire for Him, and for relationship with Him. I know it means that I'm walking in truth and in step with Jesus and knowing that allows me to lean on Him even more, and trust Him even more with the issues of my heart.

So, essentially, this is an overview of life as WE know it.

And, as I write this, I AM watching "New Moon" which Niles went out at midnight to buy for me on Friday. Don't you dare judge me. I'm fully going to go read Henri Nouwen and maybe watch a little March Madness this afternoon. I'm cool okay!!
And, if I feel like it, I just might make up a dance routine to "Party in the U.S.A." after all that!


Anonymous said...

um... after reading your paragraph describing Reese as a teenager, I've been thinking... I don't think our daughters should hang out anymore.... haha, just kidding ;-) Our kids our going to break the mold and we are going to LOVE the teenage years!! (I'm declaring that). Oh and save me a spot in your Party in the USA dance routine. I'm an amazing dancer!

Anonymous said...

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